Latest update: cause of HEBO-Lift 2 accident known

On April 17th, during the loading of bridge sections in Krimpen, an accident took place with the HEBO-Lift 2.The first assessment was that it was probably a technical defect. After investigation, it appears that the technical failure of the crane was due to the collapse of the anchor point of the tie back cable for superlift configuration. HEBO is currently investigating how this could have happened despite the ship being new and certified.

The hoisting part of the ship was tested, certified and delivered last week.

Fortunately, there were only a few minor injuries, which could be treated directly on the quay. However, there was considerable material damage. In addition, attention is being paid to employees who are emotionally involved in the incident. HEBO and Hollandia would like to thank all clients, colleagues, suppliers and others involved for all their statements of support.

Meanwhile, the salvage of the fallen cranes and the bridge deck was carried out by HEBO in collaboration with Hollandia. Everything was cleared within 48 hours.